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Message to members

Unfortunately, COVID restrictions remain in place for a little longer and members must comply with these, as they will now continue until July 19th at the earliest, after that date we will have to wait for the government advice.

From June 1st, the booking system is no longer in use, you can attend the club without booking, but it is essential that when you arrive, you scan the NHS covid QR code or add your name on the Track and Trace sheet which will be in the Captains office or Marquee. This applies to Players, Spectators, Contractors, Green Maintenance team, etc.

Following a recent rule change agreed at last committee meeting, you can now practice when a Game is scheduled if you can leave an empty rink between you and the game.
You cannot practice on a Tuesday as it is Green Maintenance day, if you are free why not go down and see what you can do to help. (See diary in Captain's office or fixture list on here and on website for when games are scheduled.)

Social distancing is still to be observed!

For morning sessions a committee member will be available on site, and can access clubhouse if necessary for any reason.

Should you wish to attend in afternoon or evening for practice you will need to use your key. You are not permitted to practice when a game is scheduled unless you can keep an empty rink between you and the game.

All Equipment you use must be sanitised before and after use.

Avoid using the changing rooms.

Only unlock and use toilets if essential.

Only the grey and yellow mats should be used for Practice sessions, and washed after use, when they can be left to dry in Marquee. You must use jacks from equipment shed. DO NOT USE THE JACKS FROM CAPTAIN'S OFFICE as they are only used for matches. If everyone takes care, we are hoping not to have any problems avoiding COVID-19 so enjoy your bowling.

You cannot go to the bar under current Covid Rules, but if a game is scheduled where we expect alcohol would be sold, a list will be provided at the tea interval where you can place an order for alcohol at end of game. This will then be brought to a table where you should sit in groups of no more than 6 to drink it.

2021 Marldon 4's Tournament - Cancelled

It has been decided that we will be unable to organise a Marldon 4's tournament this season so it has now been cancelled.

Club Competitions 2021


We intend to run the normal club competitions this season. The closing date has been extended to June 23rd to try to attract more entries.
It would be nice to see a lot of entries to all the competitions this year, so give it some thought and be ready to put your entries in before the closing date. Who knows, you may even get your name on the Honours Board. More info and an entry form.. see COMPETITIONS page. Playing in competitions is good bowling experience.

Club and grounds Maintenance

Due to the Covid-19 situation Members must remember to sign in on the Track and Trace form or scan the QR code when they visit the club. Paul, our greenkeeper would be pleased if any member would call him to ask if there is anything they can do to help around the green.

Volunteers continue to sweep the green daily as this should be done every morning, if weather permits, throughout the year. More volunteers are always welcome, Contact Paul to Volunteer.

The Grass around the Marquee, and the hedges continue to grow and need to be kept under control, together with other maintenance work to keep the club in good order.

Paul is continuing to manage the green which is now in daily use, but was closed on Friday 28th May for Scarifying. Paul sent a big thank you to the team who helped with this job, Eric, John M, Dennis, Shaun, and Keith for removing 30 plus barrows of verticut cuttings and Pam N for moving a further 6 barrows of grass cuttings onto the heap, a really good job done by all. Thanks.

Presidents' Charity

John and June thank everyone for their generosity to date for the Presidents' Charity. (Ricky Grant Unit, Torbay Hospital). £119 has been raised so far from the Bring and Buy, £90 has been received in Donations, £106 at the Presidents' coffee morning on Jan 18th 2020, 2020 and £200 on Valentines evening (2020), making £515 in total.

Committee Meetings

The committee are back to normal meeting (no more Zoom meetings), so feel free to contact them should you deem it necessary. The committee will continue to deal with matters passed to them by phone and will arrange 'mini' committee meetings as required. We are still bound by the Government's Covid Rules, which prevent large gatherings indoors and stops us from opening the bar, although table service is allowed. We hope to be fully open after Covid Restrictions are removed on the revised date of July 19th.

The Bowls Big Weekend

A lady bowling a wood

The EBA advertised nationally to try to attract new players into the game, and we joined in by advertising and hosting three open sessions, on May 29th, 30th and 31st from 10am until noon. Due to the Covid Restriction we asked people to pre-book, and a few people did this and arrived to try the game. We are hoping their first taste of bowls makes them want to come back for more.

Bowls for sale/Wanted

Shaun O'Leary has a set of Drakes Pride Professional Woods Size 1 Heavy) in good condition (2018 Stamp) for sale. (£70 or best offer) Contact Shaun if you are interested.
Pat Denbow would like to buy a reasonably priced set of Size 00 woods, if anyone knows of any please contact Pat.

2020 AGM - Cancelled

The 2020 AGM originally postponed to Saturday March 20th 2021 was cancelled. With the uncertainty of what the rest of 2021 will bring, the directors agreed that the 2020 management committee will stand for 2021 without the need for re-election. Also, as the various selection committees are elected at an AGM, the same rule will apply to them.

Should any member wish to see a copy of the accounts for 2019/2020 before the 2021 AGM, please contact our treasurer.

Membership renewal forms have been posted to all current members as we need updated details to comply with Data Protection Rules.

Social Events

Regretfully, all social events, including coffee mornings, due to take place at the club in the forseeable future are still cancelled due to current Coronavirus situation.
There was no "Spring Meeting" this year, but we hope to hold an AGM in October 2021.

Rule changes

The committee have agreed an amendment to a couple of the Club rules. Whereas you were not allowed to roll up while a game was in progress in the green, this was considered excessively harsh if the game was only a two rink 'over 55' league game or a three rink game. The new ruling is that you are allowed to roll up/practice when a club game is in progress if you can leave a spare rink between you and the game. (whether this is possible will depend on which rinks the game is using.)
The other change is to remove the reference to a fee of £3 for Social members and Guests who wish to use the green for a roll up. The current fee is £3 (payable to committee person on duty, or honesty box in Captain's office) but we have taken the amount out of the rules so the committee can change the fees at any time, without having to update the rules each time they do so.

New Bowls Mats

To help with COVID regulations we decided to buy some more mats. Many thanks to the members that responded to our request for help with the purchase of these mats. If you did not have an opportunity to buy a mat, don't worry we will have more fund raising events later in the season

Activities at the club

The season is starting to look a little better with fixtures almost every day in June. You can now go to the club and add your name to the availability sheets in the captains office, if you want to be selected to play. At present the Captain of the day will call the selected players to confirm they are available once selected.

2021 Club Sponsors

We received sponsorship from Marldon Service Station (Cox's garage), Chris Allen Electrical, Lee Hodges, Building Contractor and Paignton Flat roofing and we would be pleased to hear from any other companies that may want to sponsor us for 2021 season. Further details on the Sponsorship page.

Message from Barry Bailey, Chairman and Director

"On behalf of myself and my fellow directors, I would like to express our thanks to those members who have paid their subscriptions for this year of whatever amount. I would respectfully ask those who have not paid anything as yet to pay something in order to keep our wonderful bowls club going through these dreadful times! If you wish to send a cheque or make a BACS payment please contact our treasurer Ray O’Brien. Rest assured that once we are back to normality, the directors and committee will ensure that no member will lose out on what they have paid!

I would also like to thank some of our members who are still working tirelessly to keep our club going. The green and surrounds are still being maintained by our green keeper and our maintenance volunteers, and I am pleased to see that the Government recognises that they are essential workers and have authority to attend our premises, subject to distancing etc, etc. A thank you to our treasurer, secretary and communications manager for keeping us all as informed as possible about the situation, and for continuing to carry out the administration needs of our club. We will continue to keep you as informed as we can, and I would urge all of you to stay safe and follow Government advice and regulations.
Hope to see all of you in the not too distant future."

Please all support the club wherever possible, this is our amazing club. Let’s maintain it & keep it that way. We haven’t got where we are today by accident.

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Page updated 18th June 2021.