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Club Competitions

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2020 The Round Robin Tournament

This competition, devised by Colin Whiley, our fixture secretary, replaced the normal competitions this season for those who wished to bowl with Coronavirus rules in place The competition came to a conclusion on September 4th 2020.

24 club members entered the competition in June. The players were placed in 4 leagues of 6. At the end of July the top 2 players of each league then went into a knockout format to compete for the Round Robin Trophy.

The 3rd & 4th placed players were then placed in a knockout stage for the Silver Award. Not to be left out the bottom 2 places in each league then played in a knockout for The Plate.... (Clean or Dirty who Knows)

Round Robin Final:- Bob Tame v Peter Dunkley.
Silver Award Final:- Alan Drayton v Graham Dowell
The Plate Final:- Paul Stretton v Barry Hodges

Round Robin Final.

Bob Tame got off to a fine start and was 6 - 2 up after the first 6 ends. From that moment on Peter Dunkley found his line and took complete control of the game winning the next 8 ends taking a 16 - 6 advantage. With the remaining ends shared Peter went on to win by 21 points to 11. A great start for Peter in his first year at the club.

Silver Award Final

This was a very close game between another new member Alan Drayton and Graham Dowell. After 5 ends it was 5 points each. At this point Graham started to slowly make his mark on the game and after 12 ends held a 14 - 8 lead. Despite a spirited comeback by Alan, Graham held on to win by a very slim margin of 14 points to 13.

The Plate.

This was the big one (Not) Paul Stretton and Barry Hodges 2 of our great characters of the club played for this award. Paul stormed into a 7 -1 lead after 5 ends and was always in control, eventually winning by 19 points to 10.

Our 3 Winners then for 2020 were.......

Round Robin Peter Dunkley.
Silver Award Graham Dowell
The Plate Paul Stretton.

Trophies will be presented on our Triples Afternoon Friday September 18th......Report by Colin P Whiley.

2019 Club Competition results




4 Wood Championship


4 Wood Championship

Winner: Gary Routledge

Runner up: Terry Grant


Winner:Pat Edwards

Runner up: Val Howe

2 Wood Championship


2 Wood Championship

Winner: Gary Routledge

Runner up: Paul Stretton


Winner: Pat Edwards

Runner up: Val Howe

4 Wood Handicap


4 Wood Handicap

Winner: Graham Brough

Runner up: Shaun O'Leary


Winner: Ginny Murphy

Runner up: Val Howe

Fred Pitman


Fred Pitman

Winner: Barry Hodges

Runner up: Terry Grant


Winner: Ginny Murphy

Runner up: Teresa Cornelius

Men's Pairs


Ladies Pairs

Winners: Les Clarke & Colin Mills

Runners up: Ray O'Brien & Tony Mason


Winners: Lynda Taylor & Ginny Murphy

Runners up: Jane Lake & Val Howe

Men's Triples


Ladies Triples

Winners: Terry Grant, Terry Bowles & Colin Whiley

Runners up: Les Clarke, Dave Alcorn and Barry Hodges


Winners: Chris Read, Pat Edwards & Val Howe

Runners up: Jane Lake, Maureen Morgan & Maureen Heath

Mixed Pairs


Partnered Pairs

Winners: Teresa Cornelius & Terry Bowles

Runners up: Gill Hartley & Tony Mason


Winners: Pam Neale and Terry Bowles

Runners up: Teresa Cornelius and Paul Stretton

Mixed Triples


Winners: Maureen Morgan, Pam Neale & Paul Stretton

Runners up: Teresa Cornelius, Pat Edwards & Colin Whiley